Avi  Cohen        Fine Art Photography

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As an intrepid traveller and explorer of the world, I have been practicing the art of wildlife, nature, and landscape photography for over three decades. I have never been entirely sure what came first; my love of travelling or my passion for photography. Perhaps they found each other along the way.

Happiest out in the field with my camera, I have also learned to enjoy watching my craft evolve, through the process of creating different images at home. As a result, my work now ranges from the documentary wildlife and exotic landscape capture to the impressionistic interpretation of common scenes through the creative use of digital applications.

I have successfully exhibited my work publicly with many pieces on display in private homes and corporate settings. I have been a long time supporter, presenter and photographic judge for amateur photographic clubs and currently serve as the President of the Toronto Focal Forum.

I like to think that my work allows the viewer to experience my passion for the land and all its drama and to feel a true sense of ‘being there’.